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Course Overview

The CBP™ Sales Certification lays the foundation for professional selling by developing the selling process through effective sales methodologies. You will learn the skills and tactics of leading sales professionals and take part in interactive scenarios to master those skills.   The CBP™ Sales certification module covers all the major sales stages and teaches the best practices in the sales industry. 

This course prepares candidates to take the Certified Business Professional exam - C30-508 

Course Schedule
Target Audience
This course is recommended for sales professionals, account executives, frontline workers, and business professionals who wish to specialize in sales.  
Course Prerequisites
1. The candidate must have a commitment to the pursuit of excellence.  
2. The candidate must have completed or be in the process of completing a high school or secondary school diploma or comparable educational        standards.  
Course Outline
Module 1: Introduction to Selling  
Definition of Selling  
The Definition of a Seller  
The Definition of a Buyer  
Sales Requirements  
Sales Strategies and Tactics  
Ways we sell   
Direct mail  
Social Media 
Seminars and Conferences  
The Selling Process  -  Strategies and Tactics  
The Selling Process  
Sales Stages 
Product Knowledge  
Develop a Positive Sales Attitude  
Enjoy Selling  
Be Excited  
Module 2: Prospecting Success Strategies  
What is a Prospect?    
A Customer Profile 
Building Customer Profiles  
Channel Ratings  
Module 3: First Contact Success Strategies  
First Contact 
Establishing Buyer Trust  
Building Rapport  
Use Names  
Be Sincere and Friendly  
Using a Trust Substitute  
Common Ground  
Compliment and Affirm  
Professional Greeting  
Professional Image  
Be on Time  
Body Language and Eye Contact  
Step 1. Greeting  
Step 2. Introduction & Rapport  
Step 3. The Purpose  
Step 4. Permission Question  
Attention Grabbers  
Module 4: Qualification Success Strategies  
The Qualification Stage  
Buying Criteria  
Buying Motive  
Qualification Steps 
The Qualification Process  
Discovery Questioning Styles  
Close-ended Questions  
Open-ended Questions  
Alternative Questions  
Assessment Questions  
Reward Questions  
Effective Listening Skills 

Module 5: Presentation Success Strategies  
The Presentation Stage   
Delivering a Prospect-specific Presentation   
Buyer Motives   
Personal Attention   
Financial   T
To Own Things   
Product Demonstration  
Success Stories   
Customer Testimonials   
Industry Reviews and Evaluation   
Keys to a Powerful Presentation   
Energy & Passion   
Be Positive   
Assume the Sale 
Module 6: Successful Objection Resolution     
Resolving Objections  
Buyer Objections  
Strategies for Resolving Objections  
Create Objection Responses that Reduce Conflict    
Identify With   
Uncovering Hidden Objections   
Assessment Questions   
Ready to Close   
Fear of Buying 
Module 7: Successful Closing Strategies  
Closing Stage   
The Fear Barrier   
Seller’s Fear   
Buyer’s Fear    
Recognizing Buying Signals   
Verbal Buying Signals    
Non-verbal Buying Signals   
Strategies for Closing the sale   
Direct Close   
Minor Point Close   
Alternative/Multiple Choice Close   
Action Close    
Opportunity Windows Close   
Benefits Close   
Trial Product Close   
Objection Close   W
What if your prospect says “no”?    
What do you do when a sale is lost?  
Module 8: Wrap-up & Follow-up Strategies  
Wrap-Up and Follow-up   
Complete the Sale  
Follow-up and Repeat Sales   
Quality of Service  
Post-Sales Report  
Warm Market  
Strategies that Create Repeat Sales