Courses Details
Course Overview
This is a program designed to train the next generation of Ethereum developers to support the evolution and growth of the Blockchain ecosystem.
In this succinct period, participants will learn how to provision a blockchain network, develop/deploy smart carts, and build small Proof of Concepts (POC) to support future technical decisions
Course Schedule
Target Audience
The ideal learner has at least 1 year of programming experience, will be an experienced and passionate Object-Oriented Programmer (preferably Python), and is familiar with general web development, JavaScript, HTML, and Git.
Course Prerequisites
Developers with working knowledge of HTML, JavaScript and Node.JS,experience using Git, understanding of virtualization and the Linux command line (these are must-met prerequisites)
Expected Accomplishments
The goal of the program is to give experienced developers all the necessary knowledge, skills,and hands on mentorship needed for them to become industry-leading Ethereum developers.The course will cover Ethereum concepts, introduce key developer tools and other aspects of smart contract and dApp development including building a front end, and will include security best practices.
Course Outline
Topics Covered 
1. How to start up a development environment
2. How to build decentralized applications (dApp) with Ethereum smart contracts
3. How to integrate the smart contracts with web applications
4. Guided exercises, code examples & F2F interactions!