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Learn to edit video faster and more  fluidly with Adobe Premiere Pro. Dive into a powerful, customizable, non-linear video editor with tight integration with other Adobe creative tools and support for a multitude of media files for import without transcoding

Premiere Pro Essentials(first 3 Days) is designed to allow those new to video editing learn to assemble video, audio, images, and titles into a cohesive sequence that tells a story. This course teaches you how to best utilize Premiere Pro for your video editing projects from content for websites, product demonstrations to corporate videos and other promotional or educational purposes.

Last 2 Days Explore advanced techniques used by professionals to create videos. It covers many time-saving workflows and tools including Dynamic Link with After Effects, Audition and Media Encoder. Learn to work effeciently in HD by optimizing your workstation and workflow. Expand on your editing skills with more advanced edits and tools such as slip and slide edits. This course also covers audio correction and sweetening within Premiere Pro and  Adobe Audition.

Your instructor will cover the pitfalls, and the best practices will be followed so that you are editing, producing, and exporting your  video properly.

This course highlights the latest Premiere Pro CC updates

Course Schedule
Course Prerequisites
Strong working knowledge of Mac or Windows
Course Outline
• Introduction to the interface, workspaces, projects
• Learn to import media
• Customize the interface
• Working with transitions
• Discover editing techniques
• Control effects
• Learn to correct color
• Create titles
• Work with audio
• Learn to render and export

• Learn advanced editing mechanics
• Discover sophisticated effects
• Use keyframing properties and effects
• Use advanced color correction
• Use advanced audio
• Perform multicam editing
• Create animated titles
• Understand advanced exporting options
• Discover project archiving