Courses Details
Course Overview
Learn to use the world’s most advanced digital imaging software. Adobe Photoshop is used by photographers, designers, web professionals, video professionals, and anyone needing to manipulate digital images for marketing and communication pieces. 

Learn the most advanced techniques in Adobe Photoshop such as how to design and create modern layouts, interfaces and controls for web, mobile, video, and UI design. In addition to learning key features and techniques, you’ll cover important workflow processes and design concepts. Learn to efficiently create professional designs that are easier for developers to code.
Course Schedule
Target Audience
Web & Graphics Designers
Course Prerequisites
Photoshop Intermediate or equivalent knowledge.
Course Outline
• Review basic workflows and tools 
• Explore Advanced Tools & Options Bar
• Explore grids, ratios and rules
• Create graphics, icons and other UI elements
• Learn to design with color using psychology and useful tools
• Design for multiple screen sizes
• Manipulate images, layers and effects
• Leverage Photoshop Smart Objects
• Use 3D objects • Manage multiple Art Boards 
• Combine Adobe Bridge with Photoshop