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Course Overview
This course teach you to create and maintain basic Access database objects, including tables, relationships, data entry forms, multi-level reports, and multi-table queries.
Course Schedule
Target Audience
Anyone preparing for Exam 77-730
Course Prerequisites
Windows experience and basic database concepts
Course Outline

Create and manage a database 
  • Create and modify databases
    • Create a blank desktop database, create a database from a template, create a database by using Import objects or data from other sources, delete database objects
  • Manage relationships and keys
    • Create and modify relationships, set the primary key, enforce referential integrity, set foreign keys, view relationships
  • Navigate through a database
    • Navigate specific records, create and modify a navigation form, set a form as the startup option, display objects in the Navigation Pane, change views of objects
  • Protect and maintain databases
    • Compact a database, repair a database, back up a database, split a database, encrypt a database with a password, recover data from backup
  • Print and export data
    • Print reports, print records, save a database as a template, export objects to alternative formats
Build tables
  • Create tables
    • Create a table, import data into tables, create linked tables from external sources, import tables from other databases, create a table from a template with application parts
  • Manage tables
    • Hide fields in tables, add total rows, add table descriptions, rename tables
  • Manage records in tables
    • Update records, add records, delete records, append records from external data, find and replace data, sort records, filter records
  • Create and modify fields
    • Add fields to tables, add validation rules to fields, change field captions, change field sizes, change field data types, configure fields to auto-increment, set default values, using input masks, delete fields
Create queries 
  • Create a query
    • Run a query, create a crosstab query, create a parameter query, create an action query, create a multi-table query, save a query
  • Modify a query
    • Rename a query, add fields, remove fields, hide fields, sort data within queries, format fields within queries
  • Create calculated fields and grouping within queries
    • Add calculated fields, set filtering criteria, group and summarize data, group data by using comparison operators, group data by using arithmetic and logical operators
Create forms
  • Create a form
    • Create a form, create a form from a template with application parts, save a form
  • Configure form controls
    • Move form controls, add form controls, modify data sources, remove form controls, set form control properties, manage labels, add sub-forms
  • Format a form
    • Modify tab order, configure Print settings, sort records by form field, apply a theme, control form positioning, insert backgrounds, insert headers and footers, insert images
Create reports 
  • Create a report
    • Create a report based on the query or table, create a report in Design view, create a report by using a wizard
  • Configure report controls
    • Group and sort fields, modify data sources, add report controls, add and modify labels
  • Format a report
    • Format a report into multiple columns, add calculated fields, control report positioning, format report elements, change report orientation, insert header and footer information, insert images, apply a theme