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Target Audience
The course is ideal for strategy managers, innovation managers, product managers, IT managers, entrepreneurs, innovators, and consultants. This highly interactive course is also specifically designed for business leaders, innovators, and future thinkers with an interest in banking and finance. 


FinTech technologies are disrupting traditional financial services and offer lucrative business opportunities to companies who understand the market and stay at the cutting edge of this fast-developing area.

This course gives a fundamental understanding of Fintech, and its implications and effects on their strategy. Participants will learn what comprises Fintech, the Fintech ecosystem, subsectors, and key players.

Participants will also gain a comprehensive understanding of some of the key technologies and applications that are driving the digital banking and finance revolution, and how participants can adopt innovative Fintech strategies in their own organizations, what FinTech is and how it is transforming the world of finance around the world.

Participants will acquire knowledge about blockchain, its design, uses, potential and limitations. They will not only learn about opportunities of FinTech but also the risks and challenges of the technological transformation of finance.

Course Objectives
The program focuses on the following objectives:

• Discover the financial value chain and how FinTech is affecting it.
• Explore the range of innovative new services that FinTech is fostering.
• Identify the different functions that FinTech interacts with.
• Understand the Digital banking concepts.

Course Outline

Day One

  • TOPIC 1 | An Introduction to Global FinTech.
  •  TOPIC 2 | Disruption in Financial Services.
  • TOPIC 3 | Evolution of Money.

Day Two

  • TOPIC 4 | Evolution of Financial Markets.
  • TOPIC 5 | Evolution in Infrastructure.
  • TOPIC 6 | RegTech, InsureTech & WealthTech.
  • TOPIC 7 | Future Tech in FinTech ( Blockchain & Cryptocurrency , Artificial Intelligence ).