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Course Overview
It is said that “A sale has not been completed until the bill has been paid”. Ineffective credit control has led a huge amount of companies to close down.  Credit control is crucially important for both large and small businesses. 

This intensive course provides a broad introduction to the area of credit control.  It will enable participants to learn and understand the tools, techniques and process of effective credit control and cash collection.  All aspects of a credit controller’s job will be covered and it will enable participants to get the complete picture so that they will not only improve their knowledge, but will also learn to see the linkages between all aspects of work.
Course Schedule
Target Audience
Personnel working in credit control and debt recovery
Course Prerequisites
Basic knowledge of accounting 
Expected Accomplishments
Understand the effect of credit sales on debtor accounts and income
Know the importance of bad debt to your credit and collection system
Understand the need to manage the collection function
The importance of prompt collections to an organization
Evaluate debtor accounts to see where problems lie before they get out of hand
Boost the impact of collection
Understand the system of credit control
The role of the credit control to an organization
The need to focus on debt collections
Course Outline
The revenue cycle
Debtor’s accounts and cost of bad debt
An effective system of Credit Control and Debt Recovery
The meaning and function of credit control internal control
Aged debt analysis
The basics of collections
Management of customer’s accounts
Effective negotiations
Ways and means of collecting the cash due