Courses Details
Course Overview
When running a business, it is easy to focus on day-to-day issues and challenges and forget the bigger picture.  Successful businesses invest time to create and manage budgets, prepare and review business plans and regularly monitor finance and performance.  Structured planning and budgeting can make all the difference to the growth of a sustainable business.
This course outlines the process for effective financial planning, including where to start, what types of budgets to prepare, and how to make budgeting a value-added activity.  It will provide an understanding of the essentials of planning and how they affect performance & evaluation.
Course Schedule
Target Audience
Professionals involved in the preparation of budgets
Course Prerequisites
Basic English and Arithmetic
Expected Accomplishments
Understand the basic elements of the planning cycle, system and process
Find out how budgeting helps business meet their business targets and goals
Understand the link between budget, control and performance evaluation
Course Outline
Business Planning 
The function of planning
Budget information
Budgeting process
Restricted resources
Type of budgets
Constructing the budget
Financial statements