Courses Details
Course Schedule
Target Audience
Anyone in an organization especially those working in accounting functions
Expected Accomplishments

At course completion , the candidates will have an understanding of:

? Double-entry accounting concepts in general

? Books of primary entry and passing journal entries

? Books of final entry and ledger posting

? Trial balance and suspense accounts

? Closing the books final accounts

? Preparing financial statements

Course Outline

Basic Accounting Concepts

No matter which department or section a person is from, it is absolutely essential to acquaint oneself with money matters and financial implications.  This course is an eye opener which enables participants to learn and understand the accounting concepts in general and their application within business organizations.

Course Outline

? Accounting and the business environment

? Understanding and applying the Accounting Equation

? Concepts and conventions of assets, liabilities and capital

? Role of journal and ledger

? Preparing journal entries

? Ledger posting and balancing

? Trial Balance and Suspense Accounts

? Income Statement and Balance Sheet.