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It’s the era of big data. Every click or button press you do on your computer or phone is logged and recorded. Whether you are searching for a product, liking a page, commenting on a photo or just visiting a website, your phone or your laptop is inserting all these transactions into data tables.

But what’s the point of collecting all these data without knowing their meaning? For this purpose, analyzing these data is really essential to understand and get better results. In this highly practical course, we will learn how to properly analyze data, generate business reports and present them in an infographic way and be proficient in the data analytic management field.
Course Objectives

The program focuses on the following objectives:

  1. Understand the concept of big data.
  2. Know the importance of the data analytic management field.
  3. Create a professional platform for data collection using Google Forms.
  4. Properly analyze data using Google Sheets online with API.
  5. Gain the necessary data management skills in Google Sheets.
  6. Easily automate all daily and weekly reporting.
  7. Replicate all data with other departments at work.
  8. Create customized charting for reporting.
  9. Smoothly generate formulas for data management.
  10. Quickly backup and restore data and reports in case of any data loss.
  11. Create professional dashboards and animated infographics using Google Slides.
Course Outline

Day One

-       Introduction to Data Analysis and reporting field.

-       Common Data Problems and how to apply validations.

-       What are the 3 steps followed in the Data Analysis field.

-       What are the various tools that can be used to collect, analyze and visualize data.

-       How to create a new online and live data collection platform and allow people to access it using their mobile phones.

-       What are the various datatypes that can be added to our data collection form.

-       How to properly validate data entries and reject any wrong or invalid entry.

-       What are the various tools used to analyze data and what are the differences among them (Excel, SPSS, Google Sheets, Hadoop, …).

-       What are the differences among Column Chart, Pie Chart, Line Chart, Histogram.

-       How to extract data from Google Forms and analyze them on Google Sheets.

-       How to benefit and take advantage of the online feature in Google Sheets to synchronize our data among team members and analysts.

Day Two

-       How to use Data Validation to validate every data entered in a cell to be correct and prevent any wrong data analysis.

-       How to use conditional formatting.

-       How to use data bars and icon sets to easily display analytics.

-       How to use advanced functions and charts to represent your data for easier analysis.

-       Using Match and Index functions to query records.

-       How to effectively use PivotTables and Pivot Charts to easily analyze your data and generate reports.

-       How to efficiently use Data Tables to enumerate and list data patterns.

-       Take advantage of Advanced Sorting & Filtering to query and analyze data.

-       How to use Goal Seek to project data profits for a specific quarter in the company.

-       How to use the Consolidate function to summarize and analyze all data expenses.

Day Three

-       How to properly use Scenarios to predict and forecast data.

-       How to synchronize data online and allow several collaborators to work on the same data analysis plan.

-       How to create live and synchronized dashboards online and convert them as websites.

-       What are the various software used to visualize data.

-       What is Infographic? What are the various infographics techniques to show data.

-       How to display our data on a map using infographic.

-       How to create 3D charts without indicating the exact numbers.

-       How to animate visualizations.

-       How to use Animaker: the best website to get infographics and visualization icons.

-       How to convert this animation to a video to be posted on social media.